How does it work

This piece is produced on demand to reduce waste & act against over-production. We promote slow and high quality fashion, which means that we print, cut, sew and ship it only once we receive a pre-order.

From determining demand levels for each item to their ethical production & then shipping them out, we are commited to transparency & sustainability.

Get early bird discounts

As a thank you for your patience, Pre-order items are 30% discounted to encourage on-demand shopping.

Protect earth’s resources

Instead of mass-production, we only produce what has already been ordered helping us reduce waste that other brands burn or dump in landfills.

Access limited collections

With On-demand production, we are able to drop new, exclusive, limited collections every week.

Our process

Stage 1: Let's get to it!

First, we determine demand levels for each item. Then our design team creates the print with meticilous detail and the sourcing team works on finalizing the precise fabric, cut & fit. Based on the design, some items might take longer than the others.

Stage 2: In production!

All of our pieces are ethically produced in Turkey and India. We print, cut and sew each piece to ensure excellent quality. The complex and unique construction of each style determines the time it takes to produce it!

Stage 3: Ready to ship!

Items are shipped out from our production factories in Turkey and India to our warehouses across the world who then take care of shipping it out to you!

ON DEMAND shopping vs TRADITIONAL shopping


  • New exclusive collections every week

  • Reduction of waste due to no overproduction

  • Pre-order 30% discount

  • Pre-planned responsible shopping


  • Fewer, bigger, outdated collections

  • Piles of overproduced waste burnt or dumped

  • Unpredictable, dynamic price changing

  • Unnecessary impulse buys

Don’t miss the early bird discount

This piece is a made-to-order item which means we print, cut, sew and ship each piece when we receive an order so that we never over produce and can conserve the Earth’s resources accordingly. These items usually have a longer shipping time than other products depending on how complex the piece is, and we offer a 30% discount on these items to say thanks for waiting and supporting our mission.


Ready to ship classics

Love our pre-order products, but can’t wait longer? We have some Ready-to-ship Classics that will get you excited. We stand with on-demand production but some styles have excess stock after production due to minimum order quantities, returns, and end-moment customer cancellations! These styles are ready to ship from our warehouses and are available immediately!