Two-Piece Set
Two-Piece Set
Two-Piece Set

Elodie Silk Two-Piece Set

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Our iconic Mombasa print is now available in our gorgeous fine silk range. The bright coral and cobalt stands out, and the fabric is as smooth as butter against the skin.

Not for the faint hearted baby! Our Elodie print packs a punch, and features our delightful Mombasa print in hues of coral and cobalt. Wear as a set, or as feature pieces for an outfit that is a sure fire head-turner!

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on demand

Why does my product take so long?

This piece is produced on demand to reduce waste & act against over-production. We promote slow and high quality fashion, which means that we print, cut, sew and ship it only once we receive a pre-order.

Stage 1: Let's get to it!

First, we determine demand levels for each item. Then our design team creates the print with meticilous detail and the sourcing team works on finalizing the precise fabric, cut & fit. Based on the design, some items might take longer than the others.

Stage 2: We're in production now!

All of our pieces are ethically produced in Turkey. We print, cut and sew each piece to ensure excellent quality. The complex and unique construction of each style determines the time it takes to produce it!

Stage 3: Ready to ship!

Items are shipped out from our production factories in Turkey to our warehouses across the world who then take care of shipping it out to you!

Why waiting is worth it:

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